How to Market Your Business in the Real World

It doesn’t matter whether yours is an online or traditional, “real life” store; people are people no matter where they are, be it cyberspace or walking down the street, and it’s always worth reaching out to try and make them your customers. While many businesses know the power of the digital world, and can also make their premises an all-around marketing-friendly space, it’s also recommended that they look at the real world, too. There are many more ways to advertise a business than many company owners realize. Below, we take a look at some tried and tested methods that’ll extend your reach and get more people excited about your business.


Partner with other Businesses

We tend to think of other companies in terms of opposition, but this isn’t really the right approach — while there are some who are obviously your competitors, the vast majority aren’t. It’s really only the ones who are offering the exact same products and services of you that you’re competing with! The others might just be your friend. Take a look at ways to partner with other businesses in your area. If you can see how your product or service might fit together (for example: a coffee supplier partnering with a restaurant), then get in touch, and discuss working together. Your business will be exposed to all of their customers. 

Attending Trade Shows

If you’re not attending trade shows, then you’re missing out. They are excellent ways to get exposure for your brand, learn a few things that’ll push your business forward, and they’ll help you to connect with other companies, too. You might first attend as just a visitor, but look at making the jump toward exhibitor once you’ve got a feel for things. You’ll need a trade stand, an idea of what you’re going to show, and a purpose for being there (for example: do you want email addresses for your email marketing?). They’re effective, and they’re fun, too!

Host a Workshop

Sometimes, people don’t really know how much good your business could be for them. So you might have to show them. Look at hosting a workshop, and put your products and services to good use. If you’ve got a real-world space, then you can host it there; if you’re all online, then look at renting out a space. The key thing is to make it fun. People aren’t going to give up their time for something that’s boring or doesn’t add value to their life. This is a way to showcase why people should buy into your brand. To deepen the impact of your workshop, incorporating essential ideas for corporate workshops can significantly enhance the experience for all attendees. These insights offer innovative strategies to engage your audience, ensuring that your event not only educates but also inspires participants to see the value in your offerings.

Street Marketing

Street marketing is one of those things that’s generally undervalued by companies. It can be remarkably effective, since it introduces new people to your brand — and, more importantly, keeps you in their mind. Plus it’s fun, too. You’ll essentially be setting up a stand on the streets and then telling the world all about your company and why it’s so awesome. You’ll need a few things to get started. First, some sort of uniform is essential, and you’ll want to have two of your most energetic and knowledgeable staff on hand, too. It’s also recommended that you get a teardrop flag like those available at; they’re a highly effective way of grabbing the attention of passersby. If you’re asking people to stop and talk to you, then make it worth their value. You could give away free samples of your goods, for example, or at least offer some sort of freebie. In terms of where you do it, it’s best to set yourself up in an area generally populated by people who match your target demographic (which should be clear from your market research). 

In the Media

People think that print advertising is dead, but it’s not — there’s still a lot of people reading newspapers and the like. But in any case, that’s not a relevant conversation, because you don’t even have to pay for promotion in newspapers anymore. You can get in there by simply being a story! This works in all places, but especially in small towns, which are always looking for ways to fill the newspaper. If you’ve got a news-worthy story (you can be liberal with this definition), then get in contact with your local newspaper, and see if they want to cover the story. It’s not going to have people charging the streets to visit your premises, but it is useful exposure, plus it allows you to celebrate your noteworthy or interesting achievements. 


The Power of Talk 

As we said at the beginning of the article, people are people no matter where they are. As a business owner, it’s in your interest to be in “network mode,” no matter where you are. You never know who you’ll meet when you’re just going through life; will the person you sit next to on that flight be able to take your business to the next level? Of course, it’s not recommended that you go into every social environment ready to talk business. But if it comes up, explain what it is, and leave a business card too. You never know what it might lead to. 

Pop up Shops

Pop up shops are an excellent way to create a bit of buzz around your company. No matter whether you’re a real-life or online store, there’s always something exciting about taking over another space for a week (or even just a day), and presenting the best side of your company. This is a good idea if you’ve got a launch of new products, or if you just want to test your online credentials in real-world space. Design the space in line with your company branding, and have fun with it.


It’s important that you have a heavy online presence, but you shouldn’t ignore the real world. Some companies try to do everything digitally, but there’s value in human connection! Take the tips above, and you’ll be on your way to a more diverse marketing strategy.