Leadership Reflection: The Impact on Customer Service Quality

I once checked into a hotel, and, to put it mildly, the customer service was mediocre at best. My children, who are normally not so interested in such things, commented repeatedly that the staff just didn’t seem to care. They asked me how this happened and on such a scale.

The answer is pretty simple: the attitude of the staff is a reflection of the management and leadership!!!

You can always get one or two members of staff who are not up to scratch, but when it extends to the majority of the team, then this is clearly down to management, who don’t care about its customers or who are too interested in other things.

Noticeably, the two adjacent hotels don’t share the same problem, so it’s not a question of not being able to find the right staff; it’s more than that.

As leaders and managers, we need to remember that our staff follow our lead, that we define the culture for our organisations, that our companies reflect our attitudes, and that if we have the wrong attitude, it will clearly show.

What surprises me is that I thought that this was a pretty well-known fact, as the saying goes, ‘Fish rot from the head down’, and this is often applied to leadership too.

It would only take the owners 15 minutes to do a tour of the hotel and see that there is a problem with the leadership and management of the hotel.

But if the owners don’t care, then this hotel has a real problem. Where will the solution come from? What will make the owners change their attitude?

The hotel was pretty busy, so it is probably profitable. Why should the owners or leadership make changes?

The answer again is pretty simple. You make the changes to improve while you are successful; once you are in decline or start to be in decline, it can be too late.

It’s hard to stop a sinking ship.

It doesn’t cost anything for people to care; it’s all attitude, and these can easily be changed as they reflect leadership. It just takes the leaders to show that they care, and the staff and team will follow suit.

Hopefully, the people staying at the hotel will provide the right level of feedback to get the management, leadership, and owners to take notice.

It’s a great hotel in a great location, which is let down by its leadership.

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