Plan Eco-friendly Events for Your Business

Business events can help you to promote your brand, connect with customers and put your business in a position of authority in your industry. If you want to be eco-conscious when running your business, events are one of the areas where you can turn your attention. When you have hundreds of people attending your events, they can have an impact on the environment in different ways. When you take a close look at how you run your events, you can find ways to make them greener. It can help you to save money, and it will allow you to stick to your eco-conscious values.

Manage Invitations and Booking Digitally

Some events can use a lot of paper, from sending out invitations to printing schedules and other materials. While these things can be useful, it can often seem pretty wasteful, especially as they may not be necessary. Keeping things digital can be a better option if you want to make your event green and avoid using paper as much as possible. You can send out digital invitations, or simply a link to an event page. You can allow people to use digital tickets that they can display on their phones so that they don’t need to have paper tickets. If you do have any printed materials, consider using recycled paper or card.

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Select the Right Venue

Your choice of venue can also make a difference to how eco-friendly your event is. Firstly, the location of the venue is something that you can consider. The further your guests need to travel, the larger the environmental impact of your event will be. If you can choose somewhere that’s in a convenient location, less travel will be required. The venue itself is also something that you should think about. The building and the facilities and amenities that it has can help you to run a green event. Take a look at the environmental policies that the venue has so that you can understand how they can help you.

Plan to Deal with Waste and Recycling

Business events can produce a lot of waste. For an eco-friendly event, plan to both reduce the amount of waste and deal with any waste produced in the most suitable way. You should start by thinking about how to reduce waste, perhaps considering what products you’re selling and what food and drink is available. Be sure to have options for dealing with waste, providing somewhere to dispose of different materials. Encourage your event guests to dispose of general waste but also recycle things like plastic bottles, cans or anything else that is commonly recycled.

Choose the Right Promotional Products

Giving out promotional items is common at business events. It can be a good way to promote your brand and give people something to take home. However, many promotional items are cheap, plastic items that might just be thrown away. You can choose your promotional items carefully so that they provide value and have less environmental impact. At, you can find wooden badges, pins and other items. These types of promo products last longer and have a higher perceived value. Think of what will be useful to the people coming to your event.

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Consider Catering Carefully

Catering your event is something else that can require some careful thought. The food that you choose to serve affects who eco-friendly your event is. If you want to run a green event, try to serve sustainable food. Choosing a local catering company that will source local and seasonal ingredients for your menu is a smart idea. You can make sure they design a menu that minimizes the impact of your event on the environment and pleases your guests at the same time. You should be able to find a number of catering options that can provide what you’re looking for.

Think About Transportation

Helping your guests to get to your event might be something worth considering if you want to improve your green credentials. Instead of having people make their way individually in their cars, you could arrange for group transport. This could help to cut down on CO2 emissions and make your event more organized too. You could also help to make it easier for your guests to use public transport, perhaps helping with group bookings or arranging for discounts for your event attendees.

Make your business events more eco-friendly using these practices, and it can improve your reputation. There’s plenty that you can do to run green business events.