Smart Ways To Create A Learning Culture In Your Workplace

Your organization can make great strides for success when every team member is aligned with your business goals. Although the nature of workplace learning culture has changed over the years, its core purpose remains the same. According to research, businesses that link employee development to internal promotions have a 22% chance of reducing employee turnovers as working staff are more satisfied. Reduced staff turnover helps ensure improved turnover, productivity and helps manage increased costs attributed to staff turnover.

What could Ezra Coaching mean for your organization’s learning culture?

Your organization may have a learning culture that encourages staff to appreciate the business’s values, beliefs, skillset, and workplace practices. This enables your working teams to gain insight, knowledge, and abilities to deliver at optimum levels to satisfy your clients and help with organization growth. However, this cannot bring results in a single try. 

For this reason, Ezra Coaching has provided research about developing a sustainable learning culture in the workplace to promote employees’ continuous development effectively. This will require business owners to embed learning cultures throughout organizational levels through continuous training sessions, workshops, and seminars to promote career opportunities, staff empowerment, and job satisfaction are needed. By doing so, your employees develop, and your business may reap the benefits of an influential workplace learning culture.

If you are not convinced about why your business should promote a good learning culture, the infographic below should make things easier for you. The infographic provides a breakdown of how sustainable workplace learning culture can help your business grow.

Infographic designed by Ezra Coaching