Breaking Beliefs: The Power of Potential

We often believe our limitations are unchangeable, a mindset that can deter us from even trying to break them. Before Roger Bannister’s 4-minute mile, it was deemed medically impossible. Such beliefs create mental barriers and convenient excuses for our setbacks.

I think we all have these types of limitations. I come from a family who are mostly overweight, and there is a strong belief that we will never be thin. Which of course is just rubbish, but it does give us reasons, or excuses really, for not trying and eating what we like. But we need to break this thinking, if we want to succeed, then we need to change these beliefs. Our beliefs are not necessarily true, it’s just something that we believe to be true.

A great example, in my opinion, of limitations and what we can do if we can change our beliefs is in the arena of marathon running. When I completed my first marathon, I was warned by doctors about its potential health risks. Yet, thousands finish the London Marathon annually without serious issues.

This made me curious about the boundaries of marathon running. The progression of records for consecutive marathons is staggering. In 2006, it was 51 marathons in 51 days. By 2011, Stefaan Engels had run 365 marathons in a year. Even more astonishing was Ricardo Abad’s feat of 607 marathons in 607 days. In just a few years, the record grew by an astounding 1200%. There was also an article I read once that featured an elderly Australian couple completing 366 marathons in as many days.

Such achievements challenge our beliefs about human potential. If marathon records can skyrocket within years, what other perceived barriers in our lives can be shattered if we adjust our mindset?

It’s vital to understand: our beliefs are just convictions we hold, not unalterable truths. By challenging them, we can unlock possibilities previously thought impossible. Let’s dare to go beyond our self-imposed limitations.

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