Tips To Look After Staff When On The Road

Staff who work on the road are a lot more challenging to look after because as an employer, they’re not physically with you. Compared to those who work on-site or within an office, employees who drive for a living are more difficult to manage. However, there are still ways to help look after your staff as your responsibility still needs to exist outside of the workplace. Here are some tips to look after your staff when on the road.

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Provide Them With The Right Training

The right training is very important when it comes to those who drive for their job. Whether they drive lorries or a company car to get to and from clients or jobs, it’s important to give them all the necessary training possible. There are plenty of online and physical courses that can help improve your employee’s skills and awareness when they’re on the road. Speed awareness and safety in other ways can all be beneficial and should be offered from you as an employer. Just like you would with staff within the workplace, training is always good to help build on an employee’s experience, skills and knowledge. 

Use Technology To Help Monitor Them 

Technology is heavily used in most businesses nowadays because it’s a tool we use in many ways to make everything a little easier. An element of technology that can be used a lot for keeping your staff safe is tachograph. The tachograph rules are worth understanding in order to ensure all staff that is driving are adhering to those rules. A tachograph is useful to have implemented in the vehicle that the employee is driving because it monitors various activities and stores data for you as an employer to keep an eye on. Whether it’s how long they’ve been driving to the number of breaks they take during a shift.

Consider Their Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is something to always pay close attention to as an employer. Work is pretty much what many people do for the majority of their lives, and it also takes up a big chunk of their day to day living. It’s important to keep an eye on how they’re doing and what they might need or require from you in terms of support. Be sure to check in on a regular basis, even if it’s simply a brief catch-up.

Consider Their Expenses

When staff members are on the road, expenses are something to really think about. You want to offer enough so that they’re able to do everything needed to work, but you don’t want to offer too much, and it is a costly expense for the business every week or month. Try to find the right balance and discuss any changes to the expenses with your staff to understand what they need and want.

Looking after your staff when they’re on the road is important, and safety should be just as much as a concern as it would be if they were in an office environment.