Top Trends in Human Resource Management in 2021

Human Resource Management leaders have critical responsibilities in 2020 going forward to 2021. The future of human resources will continue to be built on changing trends. Two factors that are deeply influencing human resource management include the accelerated digital transformation and the new workspace scenario. These new changes were slowly arriving but have now become a done deal thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quite opposed to the general perception, human resource is not dwindling as a professional career but is in fact growing and evolving rapidly. Technological innovation has fuelled this fire and human resources is not merely about job interviews and resolving conflicts anymore. Its about elevating the overall experience between employees and the organisation and creating a mutually beneficial equation for them. As we inch close to 2021, anyone interested in learning how to become a successful HR professional will find these 2021 trends interesting:

1.       Open and welcoming:

As the discussion around inclusion and ethnic diversity in the workspace rages on, the best trend for 2021 is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I).

In simple words, HR Management is responsible for cultivating offices that are open, welcoming, and accepting of people irrespective of their gender identities or ethnicities. Also, ensuring that everyone has an equal experience at the workspace. DE&I is not only set to be exceptionally profitable to economies but will also shoot up profits within the organisation.

Since DE&I is such an important social and cultural need, 2021 is going to be very promising with this trend taking over Human Resource Management, especially when coupled with remote work.

2.       Human Resource technology for the new normal:

Human Resources, like any other arena, has taken a massive hit this year as HR professionals are forced to align processes with the new normal. Technology is the best way to deal with a crisis as human resources has no doubt learned in 2021. HR technology like pulse engagement surveys, online recruitment processes, HR master data will be hot trends in 2021.

3.       Renewed employee experience:

Renewing the employee experience and ensuring that it benefits the organisation is the next HR trend lined up for 2021. Employee experience is coming to the fore as organisations choose remote and hybrid work models over traditional workspaces. Human Resource Management has the responsibility of ensuring that company culture does not dwindle even as employees connect from the comforts of their home. Also, employee expectations should not be compromised in the name of work from home. Improving engagement through personalised virtual onboarding processes, brainstorming for new compensation and recognition strategies, implementing communication technology solutions and virtual learning solutions are the best ideas currently to bring about a renewed employee experience.

4.       Reskilling internal talent:

Next on the list of top trends in human resource management for 2021 is fulfilling the skills gap among employees. The coming year may see a bigger need for reskilling since the whole employment scenario has turned topsy turvy. Human resources will consider talent reskilling as an ideal and profitable investment strategy for 2021. Reskilling will work splendidly since employees have ample time and space to learn at home. Human Resource Management will offer online learning and career building strategies for their remote workforce. The plan is to protect and nurture valuable talent within the organisation by offering career choices, restructuring roles, and providing opportunities for reskilling.

5.       Focus on wellbeing:

Wellbeing is the primary concern not just for organisations but practically everyone. Employees are keeping safe working from home. However, HR managers need to keep a tab on their overall wellbeing. Be it through ergonomic WFH arrangements or through opportunities for physical fitness amidst social distancing. Mental health will be the top priority since mental wellbeing may take a hit for employees. The sudden change in the work environment coupled with personal issues or sickness within the family can be very overwhelming. Flexible work schedules for remote work, ensuring that no employees go through burn out, providing access to mental health support, remote wellbeing activities, etc. are areas for improving employee wellbeing. The ‘focus on wellbeing’ HR trend will be all about prioritising people over all else in 2021.

Conclusion: The Covid-19 pandemic has forced every business process to take stock of their disrupted goals and rapidly change strategies in the span of one year. Technology has been of great help and a big trendsetter for 2020-21. Everyone has collectively faced challenging times. And it’s amazing how organisations have come together to create innovative solutions and unbelievable changes within weeks while ensuring each other’s safety. Human Resources has a big role to play in the new organisational normal and renewed employee experience. HR trends for 2021 is all about people responsibility and the digital revolution.