10/20 – 20 Questions for Leaders, Ensuring your Organisation and its Activities are Aligned with your “Core Values”

How do you ensure your Organisation and its activities are aligned with your “core values”?

Making sure that all goals and targets coincide with your core values is the simplest approach to doing this.

If diversity is a core value, for instance, there should be specific diversity goals that are communicated, tracked, and reported on frequently, and ideally, rewards associated with achievement.

If diversity is one of the core values, and there are no associated targets, then this is clearly not a real core value it’s just lip service.

If there are targets, but they are not reported on, no one is accountable for them or they are not bonus relevant, then same again, this is just lip service, it’s not a lived value.

If you want to know what a company’s ‘core values’ are then look at what they bonus and reward, and those will be their ‘core values’.

How do you think you should ensure alignment of values and activities?

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