Boosting Productivity

When it comes to increasing productivity, people often assume it means working harder. However, that can demotivate teams if they feel their previous efforts weren’t enough. There’s a significant difference between working harder and being more productive. As leaders, we must provide the right tools, training, and environment to ensure effectiveness, leading to better output.

Asking people to just work harder, is the lazy leaders’ way of trying to increase output.

By analyzing and eliminating low-value tasks, we can help our teams work smarter, not harder. This approach is more motivating and can lead to increased effort from your team.

When we take this approach we will find that we are appreciated by our teams so much more, this is how we can motivate them, and it will also probably give us the added benefit of increased effort.

When people see that their effort is turned directly into output, they are much more prepared to increase their effort. If they don’t see the benefit, then why would they do it?

People want to be successful, and as leaders, we need to put our teams in a position where they can be as successful as possible.

Once we have done that, then our job becomes easy, it’s now just a question of recognising and praising their increased output.

When your teams are focused on the wrong things, it doesn’t matter how much harder they work, you will not see any benefit. It will just lead to frustration and demotivation.

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