Building A Leadership Brand

I’d like to thank everyone who has followed me on my leadership journey over the last five years. When I started to write I had no real big goal, other than to share my thoughts on leadership and to give people tools and tips on how to be better leaders. So it was a complete surprise to me when I was nominated as one of the Top 12 Incredible Personal Brands. Click here to see the original article. 

I have learned so much on this journey, especially about the power of authenticity, persistency,  and consistency when it comes to building a brand.

A lot of what I have done has been self-taught, and many times people told me that the way I was going about things was the wrong way, and it would be impossible to make an impression in such a competitive niche.

But in branding, as in leadership, sometimes it’s about making the path rather than taking the well-worn path.

This has been achieved mostly through organic means, by building a following and then sharing my content daily. Trying to write pieces that were easy to understand and easy to implement and bring value to my readers. 

Many people have asked me how much I spend on marketing, but as I say most of this has been achieved organically, with negligible advertising or paid marketing, I think the most I spend is on a Virtual Assistant who helps me with the sharing of articles.

So I’d like to thank everyone  everyone who has read, liked, commented or shared my articles, I truly appreciate your support and this recognition is because of you and I am truly grateful.