The 7 Facets of Inspiring Leadership: Igniting Passion and Empowering Teams

I think that when people are inspired, they can accomplish incredible things in both life and business. When someone is inspired, they hold the power to inspire many more and that is how leaders are born.

My definition of Inspiring Leadership: the ability to create passion, purpose, and belief that lead to the achievement of astounding results.

There are 7 Facets that make up Inspiring Leadership:

Ignite the Passion

When people are passionate, they will go the extra mile, they will work harder and longer in order to achieve the goal and as Inspiring Leaders we need to ignite that passion. Passion is contagious and the first thing we need to do is to find our own passion and look to transfer that to our teams.

Nurture Belief

People become inspired when they have the belief that they will be successful, and we need to nurture that belief. We all have greatness within us and as leaders, we need to help our teams release their greatness. We need to build their confidence within their own abilities.

When we have belief that we will be successful, it can become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Show What’s Possible

People have greater belief when they have a plan or an approach which shows them how to be successful. So we need to show them what needs to be done and how to achieve the goals. This then leaves them with the task of just following the plan and knowing that if they do that successfully, then they will be successful.

Provide Purpose

People are much more inspired when they are trying to achieve things which are important; it gives them a sense of purpose, and a stronger desire to be successful.

We need to find the purpose and create the desire within our teams.

Invite Participation 

It’s impossible to force a team to be inspired, so we need to invite them to participate, give them an opportunity to achieve something special, something astounding. I have found as a leader, I always get better results when I ask rather than tell people what they need to do.

When people accept the invitation, they also accept partial accountability for achieving success, and when people accept accountability, the probability of success increases.

Recognise Achievement

We need to create some early wins, some quick successes, and then recognise achievement. The more achievements we recognise, the more inspired the teams will become as they start to see themselves progressing towards the goal. What we recognise gets repeated and we want to encourage our teams to continue achieve success.

Empower Our Teams

The more empowered our teams are, the more ownership they take. The best way to empower our teams is to hold them accountable for outcomes. When you hold the teams accountable for outcomes, you allow them to take control of what needs to be done and if they see that the approach is not achieving the desired results, they can change it.

Inspiring leaders Ignite the passion, Nurture the belief, Show what’s possible, Provide purpose, Invite participation, Recognise achievement and Empower their teams to be successful.

We can all be inspiring leaders, even you, why not be the spark that ignites inspiration, the world is waiting for you to lead the way.

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