How Investing in your Employees can Benefit your Business

Return on Investment, or ROI as it’s more often known in business, is one of the most important measures.

The difference between what we spend and what we get in return for that spend is what ROI focuses on. For example, we invested $20 million on a new production plant that has created another $50 million in revenue and $10 million in profits per year. This would be considered an excellent return on investment.

When it comes to our people’s development, we should approach it in the same way.

Not to justify the spending we have invested, but to realize the significant benefits we get in return for that, benefits which should encourage us to continue to invest further.

Even small investments, such as one-day leadership training, can have significant benefits.

Having just attended such a one-day training, run by Mark McGregor, you could tangibly feel the benefits; increased communication and collaboration between the participants; increased energy levels, and most importantly increased engagement.

At the end of the training, you could see people walk with an extra spring in their step, a smile on their faces, which is something you just cannot put a price on.

Having run these types of workshops in the past, we have seen that many of these benefits last for weeks if not months. People discuss what they have seen, done and enjoyed with other colleagues, this then permeates the increased energy and engagements levels into teams that didn’t attend the training.

If you were to run an ROI calculation on such an event you would yourself why don’t we do these more often.

Increased employee engagement is the El Dorado, the Promised Land, the Holy Grail for any leader who is looking to achieve significant improvements or ambitious goals.

Our people are our most important assets, we should treat them as such, invest in them and we will see an excellent return.

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