Impress Your Co-Workers With These Artificial Intelligence Facts


Artificial Intelligence, or AI, makes most of us think of scary robots taking over the earth and destroying mankind. However, this type of technology is used for so much more.

If you are looking for something fun to talk about in the break room this month and you are out of ideas you can impress your employees and coworkers with some of these amazing facts. 

Whether you work with a workstation for artificial intelligence, in the business world, or something entirely different, these AI facts are sure to impress! 

1. John McCarthy, a professor at Stanford University, was the first person to coin the term artificial intelligence. 

2. AI can be defined as a machine that behaves beyond other machines. One which has a level of intelligence on par with a human. 

3. Gartner believes that artificial intelligence’s should be called smart machines because the word intelligent gives the impression of equality to humans.

4. The Turing test is a way to define AI and it is a test that allows you to mistake a computer for a human. Alan Turing came up with this test after using the machine which solved the Enigma Code in World War II. Here, a computer can be seen as being ‘artificially’ intelligent. 

5. Eugene was a computer created at the University of Reading, and it has been the first computer to ever pass the Turing test. The reason it was able to pass is that it was designed to sound like a teenage boy, and it was incredibly successful. 

6. The first existence of AI was back in ancient Greece. The Greek god Hephaestus created a robot who would help him move around. 

7. Moravec’s paradox tells us that a computer can crunch numbers like Bernoulli, however, it lacks the simple motor skills of a toddler. In other words, a computer has a huge mental capacity, but not a huge physical capacity… yet.

8. The biggest issue with AI is a bottleneck problem that shows a problem with the need to load an AI to a machine without the machine having the knowledge to do so previously. It’s like the robot equivalent of a millennial needing experience to get a job, but needing a job to gain experience. 

9. Stephen Hawking said the following about AI: “either the best or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which.”

10. Elon Musk worries about AI more than most, He believes that it will have such a large impact on human life that in time it could take over. As a result, he invented Neuralink which is a way to link human brains to computers, allowing humans to retain control. 

11. Christopher Strachey was an amateur coder and teacher, and he wrote the first successful AI. It just goes to show that if you doubt your skills, you shouldn’t, because you could actually change the world. 

12. Deep learning trains machines to think like humans and have a huge plethora of uses in the business world and beyond.