Incorporate Traditional and Digital Advertising for Best Results

Many people today start with online searches before making purchases. Even when buying the slightest thing, a person wants to know they are making the right decision by getting information about the product and looking at reviews. Therefore, businesses are taking this opportunity to get more customers and increase sales. While digital marketing is the main thing, it can be an excellent way to incorporate traditional methods to capture customers from all backgrounds. There are ways you can use both traditional and digital advertising to get the best results. 

When planning your marketing strategy, don’t leave out traditional marketing. It is still effective and will ensure you reach the customers that digital marketing will not reach. The best thing is that as every business is focusing on digital marketing, traditional methods have become cheaper. Therefore, they are affordable even for small businesses with limited budgets. Unfortunately, traditional methods are always overlooked, but those businesses that use them know they are still effective when used correctly. The following are ways you can incorporate traditional and digital advertising to get the best results. 


Billboard has been effective in advertising for a long time. Even as the shift to digital methods continues to increase, billboard advertising is still functional. There are a lot of billboards in cities, and high-traffic places, which proves that billboards are still valuable in advertising. However, businesses are no longer erecting billboards anywhere with high traffic. They are incorporating geotargeting, a digital method of knowing where most of their clients are. Therefore, you can make billboard advertising more effective through geotargeting. It helps you know the best targets where most customers will see the adverts. 


With the rise of digital advertising demand, TV advertising has become cheap. Many people are cutting on cable cords, but marketers still can get those using linear TV. So, why does linear TV advertising matter? Many people still watch news and ads on their televisions. Therefore, even if there is a shift to connected TV, there is still a good number of people using linear TV. So, knowing your customers and their preferences can be a good idea. This will help you create videos they will like and tell your story well. The best thing is that you can use the videos on other digital channels. Therefore, even if you may pay more for long ads, it is still a significant investment. Make video ads of different lengths and repurpose them for other channels. Ensure you repurpose the content for the website, social media, and digital streaming.


Newspaper production is still there; even if most focus on news, others are business-focused. A group of people still love sipping their morning coffee while reading the paper. Therefore, newspapers can also give an excellent way of advertising. The prices have been reduced, allowing small businesses to reach their audiences. Newspaper companies have online platforms which you can use to advertise your social media or website. 


People still listen to the radio, and you can take the chance to expose your ads. Advertise during the morning when people are looking for news. You can get a spot when people listen more. You can also create podcasts to reach your audience. It is also reasonable to buy additional placements on channels like YouTube, Spotify, and others. 


Many people believe that print is dead. However, the magazine industry still has customers, and the fact that magazines are still being produced is evident that the method is still effective. However, magazines are niche specific and always focus on a particular group of people. They can focus on travel, cars, business, fashion, décor, etc. That means magazine advertising can be a great platform when targeting a specific group based on the product or service you are offering. Therefore, find out how to reach the digital audience through social media, digital editions, and websites. You can partner with well-known brands to boost trust and credibility. 


As businesses aim for digital advertising, they leave room for traditional advertising. Therefore, competition is low, and the prices are affordable. That makes traditional methods the best strategy for advertising. Most people still pay attention to traditional methods of advertising. However, if you decide to use traditional advertising, it is vital to incorporate unique ways to tell your story and know how to reuse your content to gain more value. Therefore, don’t believe that traditional methods are too old to work. Incorporate them with digital marketing for better results, and your company will stand out.