Inspiring Leaders Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Sam burgessI love sport, especially Rugby League, it has taught me so much about Leadership, especially leading by example.

England Rugby League player Sam Burgess showed outstanding leadership in the recent Australian Grand Final. In the first few minutes of the final Sam Burgess fractured his cheekbone and his eye socket, but not only did he stay on the field, but he played on and won the man of the match as he led South Sydney to victory.

This is a great role model, leading by example, leading your troops from the front, and showing them what being a winner is all about.

Imagine the trust that has now been built up between him and his fellow players. They know that the can completely rely on him no matter what happens.

When people show this type of leadership, especially in sports, it can have a tremendous impact on the overall squad as they know that they have a leader that they can follow and look to emulate, and when everyone in the team follows that lead it changes the whole character of the team.

Sam is not the first player to have played on in spite of such injuries, there have been several others who have done similar things, and all of them went on to become legends of the game. It’s amazing the impact it can have when you have a legend in your team, not just on your own players, but also on the opposition too, who may become in awe of such a player.

I have seen Sam play several times and it does not surprise me that this happened, he has always been a 110% player, someone the team could rely on, and given the position he played he always led the charge from the front.

It will be interesting to see what happens now he switches sports to play rugby union, and looks to be part of the England team which will challenge for the World Cup next year.

I know it will be a different game for him, and this injury might cut short his preparation time, but he will now arrive with a fearsome reputation, as a legend of rugby league, which will definitely inspire his own team mates and possible put a bit of fear into the opposition.

Inspiring Leaders can come in all shapes and sizes, some inspire through their words, others through their intellect and planning, and some by the examples that they set.

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