Simply Leadership

When it comes to leadership I believe that there is a very strong tendency for us to overestimate what is involved, that we overcomplicate it, or that we just make it out to be more difficult than it is.

That’s not to say that leadership is easy, because it’s not. Leadership often requires us to show great courage, to go against the flow, to stand up against the majority opinion, or those that are in charge and say things must change.

But difficult is not the same as complicated.

Leadership is pretty straightforward, it’s the execution which can be difficult. And it seems that sometimes to make the execution easier we then over complicate leadership, which in turn makes the overall tasks actually more difficult.

Leadership is basically about inspiring our teams to move forward, to become better, or to make changes that need to be made.

To do this we need to have a vision of the future, one that benefits the team, and a plan of how to get there.

If we can’t create the vision or the plan of how to get there then we are doomed, no matter how charismatic we are.

We need to share that plan with our teams, communicate it in a way that creates belief, belief in ourselves as leaders, and more importably belief in the teams of their ability to be able to achieve it.

Once we do that then we have taken key steps towards success.

Then we need to follow that plan openly and honestly, walking the talk, leading with authenticity.

If we do that, then people will follow us, and we will have a great chance of success.

Too often people struggle to create the right vision, or have a great vision but no clear plan of how to get there. Thats like starting a journey with no clue of the destination, or with no map of how to get there, which will not inspire people to follow you.

Or the vision is not one which is of benefit of the team, it’s just of benefit to the leader or the organisation. When there is nothing in it for the team, why should they follow you.

The benefits to the team could just be recognition for having done some good, like fighting poverty and hunger , or injustice, or knowing that they have made a difference in someones live, but there has to be something in it for our teams.

So if you are looking to lead, or are offered a leadership position, then don’t over complicate it, or over think things, keep it simple.

  • Create with a vision and communicate it clearly, highlighting the benefits to the team
  • Create a clear plan which shows how the vision can be achieved
  • Walk the talk

It is that simple!

Gordon Tredgold

#Leadership Principles