Brian Tracy claims in his book, Goals, that if we write down our goals, we are far more likely to attain them.

Once we write them down, they become ingrained in our subconscious, and a part of our brain begins to recognise things related to our goals/desires that we had previously overlooked.

I experienced this back in 2004 when I was approached regarding a job with DHL, as soon as I had had the interview, I started to notice the DHL vans, trucks and planes everywhere. They have very distinctive yellow and red colouring and stand out, but prior to the interview I never noticed them. It wasn’t that they were not there, it was just that I didn’t notice – my brain wasn’t tuned in.

It’s the same if you decide to buy a house, your brain will notice adverts for cheap mortgages and you will see estate agents and for sale signs which were always right in front of you but that you never noticed.

Anyway, back to the Goals, these should include personal as well as professional, we can look at any aspect of our lives, family, work, leisure anything.

When we look to set our Goals, they should ideally be SMART Goals.


With Attainable, it doesn’t mean we should aim low, I believe that we should always aim big, improbable but not impossible.

I have already defined some personal goals for myself:

  • Be unconditionally happy. We have the ability to decide whether to be happy or not, and I will choose to be happy
  • Run a Marathon – date is already set for 4th December and I am now looking to run in under 5hrs 30 mins
  • Learn Italian, improve from beginner to intermediate
  • Speak German more frequently, and have more meetings in German
  • Lose some weight, get down below 80kg
  • Improve my photography skills, take a couple of courses, move on from beginner
  • Visit New Zealand – possibly Christmas vacation next year

What about you, what are your goals for this year?

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