The Average Consumer Is Getting Smarter, and So Should Your Business

Consumers these days have a plethora of different options to help them better understand a company or a product before they invest in it. They look at reviews for services, they compare different products, and they’ll look to influencers to help them make an informed decision. There are so many different ways to do your research now that it’s uncommon to see someone blindly pick and purchase a product–even in a retail situation.

The average consumer is a lot more conscious about their purchase decisions today, and it’s these kinds of smart customers that you want to try and appeal to. So to help you out, here are a couple of tips on how to grab your audience’s attention and respect their intelligence.


Move away from drop shipping when you can


Drop shipping is a fantastic way for a small business to get started in e-commerce or any similar industry. However, the problem with drop shipping (and even white label products to some extent) is that they’re very easily recognisable. In fact, your audience may even call you out for having a product that is too similar to another. If you sell on marketplaces like Amazon, this gets even worse because you’re being placed right next to your competitors.

As such, you may want to move away from drop shipping by putting production into your own hands. This usually involves buying your own tools like a wood cutting laser, a shirt printing machine, or even a metal cutter depending on what type of products you offer. You also have to buy raw materials which can be expensive since they’re often bought in bulk. However, by investing in your product quality, you can definitely set yourself apart from others and greatly improve your reputation as a business that doesn’t just rely on drop shipping and white label.


Respecting your customers when you make a mistake


If you ever make a mistake in business, don’t try to cover it up. Admitting to your mistakes is one of the best things you can do for growing your business because the last thing you want is to have your customers call you out on something and dig up the receipts to prove it. Admit to your mistakes, provide refunds if applicable, and don’t try to cover things up with excuses. If you start doing this, then you’re going to have a rough time mending your reputation and trying to put out fires on social media.

Respecting your customers means treating them like real human beings. Far too many businesses think they can get away with doing shady things or making mistakes and trying to sweep them under the rug. However, these businesses get called out, screenshots are taken, and proof is given on social media which can reduce your reputation and make people actively avoid supporting you. Average consumers will do plenty of research before buying a product, so they’re going to know immediately if they should or shouldn’t trust you.