What Changes Do Millennial Workforce Want in the Office Space?

Millennial generation gets flak for a lot of things for their views. One of their top priorities which is bringing a lot of changes at the workplace is their “work hard, play hard.” Millennials do not want to sacrifice their personal life unlike the previous generations to advance their careers. They want to join a workplace that allows them to have that balance between work and personal life and they also wish to have a second family at their job. These expectations are unique, read on to learn about a few changes that an employer can make to turn a conventional office space into a millennial-friendly office space.

An average office employee spends about eight to twelve hours which amounts to around one-third to about half of his day indoors. According to a recent study, the lack of natural light is one of the key reasons for employees to take sick days. Humans need exposure to sunlight for performing better and keep issues like headaches, eyestrain, and blurred vision at bay besides improving overall health.Natural light helps the employees feel more engaged, stay more focused and hence it boosts their productivity, which directly translates to the revenue of any business. There is a good probability that your office has windows and if those windows have been blocked by storage units or shelves, push them out of the way and move workstations closer to the windows. If the architecture of your office does not allow natural sunlight, you might want to get amendments done or plan to relocate to harness the best from your human resource. If you cannot make amends at the moment, another way to help your employees soak up the sun’s healthful benefits can be to encourage them to take short breaks to go out for a quick stroll.

Having plants in the office and on workstations is an awesome way to boost positivity in the workplace. Snake plant, weeping fig, and peace lily are some of the top choices as they are low maintenance. It might sound odd to many but having an office pet can be a huge stress-busting exercise. Dog at Work policy adopted by major corporations like Amazon, Google and Ben & Jerry’s is a great example. It would increase happiness and in turn improve the productivity of the employees. Check out this infographic from century-office to learn about millennial office spaces, and how these small changes can help your employees in improving their health, demeanor, and productivity.