What Customers Want: A Simple Guide To Being More Customer Focused

The advantage of focusing on what your customers actually want rather than what you think they want are huge. After all, you will not only improve their experience and relationship with your business, but you are likely to be able to close more sales as well. Of course, this begs the question: what do they actually want? Something that we can help you answer in the below.

Don’t assume, ask.

Before we get into the info below, a disclaimer! Don’t just assume that you know what your customers want, even when it comes to the topics below.

The reason being that many different people in the world may wish to buy your product and they will not all be alike. In fact, even within the specific demographic(s) that you are aiming for there will be differences, and that means direct contact with your customers to ask their opinion is essential before you make any business decisions.


Of course, having said that there are some more general themes to address. The first being whether your customers enjoy being overcharged and ripped off.

Obviously, the likelihood is that they probably don’t, and that is why it’s important to consider the value that you are offering to them at every stage of the buying process.

We’re not just talking about the product itself, although that is important, but the value you provide them at the pre-purchase stage as well, including constant that is entertaining, informative, and engaging.

After all, the valued content you provide will mainly be what is traded for potential customers time and the opportunity to consider buying from you. Therefore it’s cruel that you give this to them at all stage of the process, not just when they click the pay now button.


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No one likes taking risks, and taking them with significant personal and financial information is not an activity many of your customers will relish, no matter what demographic they are from. To that end, it’s crucial that you step up your online security game and help your customers to be able to trust the process they are going through.

Happily, there are some smart ways of doing this. One, in particular, is using ID verification with a low-friction user experience at login and registration. Something that ensures your customer’s identity is confirmed and their accounts are safe, while also not slowing down the process either. After all, if there is one thing that customers hate nearly as much as poor security, it’s having to wait for things, as you can read more about in the next section!


Yes, we are living in the instant digital age, and that means most of the time people want things right now, without delay, or then will end up heading to your competitors. Of course, a great deal of this issue can be avoided by using online sales platforms such as your business website, but even these can be subject to downtime and delay.

That is why it is vital that you not only using the most reliable web hosts out there but that you go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your website stay up and running fast as much as you possibly can. After all, customers want to wait for no man, or site either!