When Leadership Matters

Leadership nearly always matters this is because leadership sets the tone, defines the culture, and has a significant outcome on results and performance.

But in good times when the markets are growing, the outlook looks rosy and business is good, the need for great leadership is not as critical. In fact, in times like these organisations can pretty much lead themselves.

It’s like a boat sailing on a calm sea, it doesn’t take much steering, you can let it drift with the current and even small mistakes don’t really knock it much of course.

But when the storms come. When the winds blow and the waves start crashing over the decks. This is when leadership really earns its keep, needs to take the wheel and steer the ship through the storm and into the calm.

In times like this leaders need to be calm, consistent, and able to stay the course. You can’t be chopping and changing, if you do that there is a chance that the ship will capsize and sink.

Stormy seas amplify our leadership traits, both good and bad, and this can highlight any weaknesses and show that we are actually not fit to lead. There are a lot of things that you can get away with when life is easy that just don’t cut it when times become tough.

We are seeing this play out in many countries where the leadership is struggling to deal with the Covid-19 crisis, or the unrest create by the protest against racism.

This is when real leaders need to stand up, speak out, and lead.

You have to be able to plot a course, communicate it, and then be committed enough to hold the line until things become calm. It’s not easy, it’s not for everyone and you will get buffeted throughout the journey.

Leaders have to take ownership, show commitment, and take the initiative. You can’t just blame others, try and delegate the responsibility away, or hope that someone will come to the rescue.

Your leadership is the rescue, this is why you were put in that position. No one expects you to have all the answers, but you are expected to find the answers, or put in place a plan that will get the answers.

Leadership isn’t just about following the path, sometime in unprecedented times it can be about creating the path.

If you can lead when leadership matters this will differentiate you from fair whether leaders, it will put you in demand and boost your reputation.

If you need help in leading during these difficult times reach out to me at gordon@gordontredgold.com and let’s see how I can help.