4/20 – 20 Questions for Leaders, How do you Encourage Creative thinking Within your Organization?

How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?

Asking tough questions and setting ambitious goals or challenges, in my opinion, is the greatest method to stimulate creative thinking.

Small or simple problems are often easily solved and do not demand much in the way of creativity.

Big problems that can’t be solved by doing more of the same, working harder, or using conventional approaches require thinking outside the box.

This is what leads us to be creative.

Also, we should remember that creativity can come from anywhere. Too often I have seen assumptions that creativity is limited to a single group, or just to senior managers.

I like to set the challenges and then leave the teams to come up with creative solutions, this empowerment encourages them to be creative.

We should also be non-critical of proposed solutions, no matter how bad, we can just reject them politely. Nothing kills creativity quicker than constant criticism.

What’s your view. How would you foster creativity?

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