4 Entrepreneurial Degrees You Haven’t Considered

4 Entrepreneurial Degrees You Haven’t Considered

Building a small business from scratch can take years of preparation, savings, and work. For those who pursue an entrepreneurial route, many find themselves chasing their passions and being rewarded handsomely for it. Others, however, may choose to opt for a business model that is seemingly more viable rather than one that aligns with their interests.

All too many who dream of owning their own businesses have made this compromise, but in some cases, it wasn’t actually necessary. With more demand for services than ever before, an increasing number of degrees and fields of study present opportunities for small business ownership. Today, we’ll discuss four degrees that provide an opportunity to be your own boss – even if you didn’t think they could.

Criminal Justice

The world of criminal justice encompasses many different areas of law and business. While most people may think of a police officer or lawyer when they heard the phrase “criminal justice”, it applies to so much more than that.

People from all walks of life – from accountants to private investigators – have pursued their bachelors or masters in criminal justice and subsequently went into business using their talents. From private detective offices to forensic accounting, those who earn a CJ degree online or in-person from institutions like the University of Cincinnati have opened their own businesses and firms to serve the public.

Physical Education

Pursuing a career in physical education may feel like a path destined to employ you under somebody else, but there are many unique opportunities for entrepreneurship with a degree in this field.

Many people have successfully opened their own gyms, home-to-home personal training businesses, and athletic training programs thanks to this expertise. With more people than ever concerned about their physical health, pursuing a degree in physical education opens the doors to a variety of unique small business ideas that can truly grow with time.


Another major field that is growing in entrepreneurial possibilities is linguistics or the study of languages. Many people who pursue an education in linguistics earn upwards of five different languages, which makes them highly marketable commodities.

In a world that is growing ever more interconnected, many businesses and firms are in need of consultants and contractors who can communicate with clients all across the world. This presents some unique business opportunities for those who can fill the demand.

Computer Science

Finally, no list of unconventional entrepreneurial degrees would be complete without computer science. While many have an idea of people who major in this field being cramped in cubicles churning away at coding or development, the self-employment opportunities that exist here are truly endless.

From information services to networking and troubleshooting, most businesses do not want to employ full-time computer science majors to handle their needs. As such, those who pursue an education in these fields can build immensely successful tech consultant firms and companies that cater to businesses and home users alike.

A true entrepreneurial spirit will succeed regardless of educational background, but many people fail to realize that owning their own business and pursuing their passions can go hand-in-hand. These four unconventional degrees for entrepreneurship are just a few examples of the multifaceted nature of small businesses.