5 Ways Tech Boosts Employee Motivation

Image by Gareth Whitner https://musicoomph.com/

Geat business managers are the ones who succeed in getting the best results from their employees. This is definitely not an easy task, especially in this day and age when the benefits you can offer are daily decreasing. However, while these turbulent times have not brought much for the Christmas bonus, the technology is ever-improving. In many different ways, technology can now be used to motivate employees and give them the chance to give their best, increasing your business’ success rates.

Technology is able to help in hundreds of subtle ways that in total add up to a substantial improvement in employee motivation, happiness and ultimately business outcomes, here are our top five


A disorganized workplace can be extremely demotivating for an employee. Knowing that you will first need to spend half an hour trying to find a document in the pile of papers that is on the table makes it harder to start working on the actual task. Plus, it wastes a lot of valuable time that could be spent in much more productive ways. Using technology, such as cloud-storage, for accessing documents easily from the computer in a matter of seconds will give a sense of efficiency to your employees. Same applies to apps used to organize projects. Using these apps, employees avoid having to run from one person to another for information or playing Chinese whispers, which so often leads to incorrect data. Finally, in an organized workspace, people can do almost everything during working hours when they are more concentrated on the task, instead of having to take work home.

Regular feedback

HR software help managers oversee employees and their improvement towards individual goals, while it also notes down the weaknesses. This can, thus, help in directing people towards projects and tasks they would be best-suited for, giving them their place to shine. It also allows for more frequent feedback. If done properly: deserved praise and advice about where to go next, feedback can be a strong motivator. It makes employees understand that they are being seen and their work is valued and will work harder to reach the next goals set.

More freedom: useful for people with families, disabilities or mental health issues

Not everyone can work full-time in an office – moreover, some very talented and hardworking people cannot access their supposed office at all. Whether it is because of a family matter that they have restricted office hours, or a disability/mental health issue is making it extremely difficult to work in a crowded room on a third floor, there are many people who could offer much more if given the opportunity to work from home. Giving employees a chance to work in an environment that is comfortable and easily reachable for them will increase their productivity and satisfaction. Luckily, technology can facilitate this with above-mentioned cloud-storages, organizational apps, and simply online-based projects.

Facilitate communication

Now everyone is a message away. Employees can chat amongst themselves even if working on different floors or in different cities, and they can easily exchange ideas that lead to better projects. This social interaction makes work more interesting for people, especially millennials. Communication outside of work among people who work closely together can also improve the office atmosphere, which is a crucial factor for productiveness.

Long distance education

For a much more affordable price, technology gives the possibility of taking part in courses given by leading experts from the comfort of your own home/workplace. This allows for many more learning opportunities than expensive yearly seminars abroad. Many employees love to work on themselves, as additional knowledge makes them more valuable to the firm which can, in turn, be reflected in an increase in salary. Offering them an opportunity to take an online masterclass or recommending a TEDtalk every once in a while can go a long way.

These are our top five ways in which technology can raise business success rates by motivating the employees. Some of them you might already incorporate, and others will hopefully follow. Technology can be of great use for both big businesses as well as smaller ones. However, don’t forget that face-to-face contact and a pleasant smile matter as well.

Jen Starr is part of the community team at Next Day PC. Jen enjoys staying on top of the latest tech trends and sharing how new tech can positively impact peoples lives.