“A Great Leader is Just a Good Leader who has a Great Team, With Whom he has an Excellent Relationship”.

It’s critical that we understand what makes a great leader so that we can concentrate on the right things in order to achieve greatness.

While reading an article about sports coaching, I came across an excellent quote that I believe relates equally as well to great leadership.

“A great leader is just a good leader who has a great team, with whom he has an excellent relationship”.

I think it’s important for leaders to realise that greatness comes more from the greatness of the team and the relationship, rather than just from the leaders themselves.

As a leader, it would be nice to think that we are the source of greatness, but that’s just vanity.

A leader without a great team, or without an excellent relationship with his team, will struggle to achieve greatness, as a leader cannot do everything themselves.

It’s true that we may help our teams achieve greatness, but they always had the potential, we just helped them realise it.

So in truth, they were a great team in the waiting.

We also need to ensure that we have an excellent relationship with our great teams, otherwise, we will struggle to help them achieve their full potential.

Sporting history is littered with examples of great teams who had a poor relationship with their managers and consequently struggled.

Certainly, both the French and Dutch football teams have suffered from this in recent years.

Great relationships are based on trust and respect.

As leaders, we need to trust and respect our teams, and we must also look to foster the same trust and respect in ourselves from our teams.

If we can do that then we have the basis for an excellent relationship.

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