Are you Leading from the Front or the Rear?

I am a huge believer in leading from the front as it is much easier for people to follow you.

Leading from the front allows you to set the pace and tone for whatever project you’re working on.

Leading from the front also allows you to start with a bang and get ahead of schedule, this way, if and when you encounter setbacks, you have already established a cushion which can allow you to remain on schedule.

When leading from the rear, it requires you to push, and when you push you often meet resistance and things can veer off in a direction that you may not want.

Leading from the front it’s more of a pull, and when you pull things they tend to go in the direction you are pulling.

This doesn’t mean that it’s easy, but to me, it does seem easier.

When you lead from the front you show that you have ultimate faith in the direction you are going in, as you will be one of the first to arrive as you are on the front lines.

One of the greatest leaders in history, Alexander the Great, is a prime example of this.

He usually led the cavalry charge from the front lines, which gave the rest of his troops the utmost confidence, especially when they were significantly outnumbered as was often the case.  It showed he had belief, which then gave them belief in victory.

Leading from the front generates trust in the leader, which will then allow them to lead from the rear when required to do so.

Leading from the front shows that the leader is prepared to do what they are asking their team to do, they have been there and done it themselves. They understand the challenges and the difficulty their team will be facing.

If you are not prepared to lead from the front, lead the charge, then why should people follow you?

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