Essential Players in Your Marketing Team

If there is one thing that is significant to the success of your business it’s your marketing team. Whether you have one in-house or you outsource it is completely up to you, but your marketing team is tasked with absolutely everything from awareness of your brand, to promoting your service. They also work on engaging people in what your business does on public forums such as social media. 

When you build your team, you have to consider every corner of marketing so that you know that you are covered. For example, if you want somebody on board who’s going to optimise your content you would have an SEO agency to hand. If you want somebody to be able to build brand awareness, you might have an ambassador of your brand who works solely as your voice on social media. Either way, you need to keep up with the evolution of modern marketing and that means you need to have the right talent on your team. Some of the most important positions that you need on your marketing team are listed for you below.

A data analyst. This person may not come to mind straightaway, but they are the core of your strategy. A data analyst gathers all of the information and analyses all of it in your industry to provide insights on your current marketing strategy, your performance and what you could be doing in the future. They are a vital part of your marketing team and this can be outsourced to a specialist, or you could hire in-house. With the analytical skills, they’ll be able to identify the right strategies to improve your effectiveness with your marketing.

A content strategist. Having a search engine optimisation qualified person on your team is vital. It’s an incredibly multifaceted area of marketing and they do so much more than just analysis of your optimisation as a business. An SEO analyst will develop inbound and digital marketing strategies as they relate to your search engine optimisation. Having them on the team is going to help your business to improve and be visible online.

A content writer. Your brand needs to pack a punch, and that means that you need to have somebody on board that can facilitate and manage as well as create the content that talks your brand up. It’s not just your website, but your social media, your email marketing, and more.

A designer. What does your brand look like right now? Having a strong design and visual brand cohesion will help to bring your message to the next level. If you want your business to get noticed, having somebody design it and ensure that you can be seen is important. They’ll be able to handle all of your design from your advertising to social media graphics, to Expo banners and webinar slides. You need to find a designer who is also adept at video editing because marketing today is very much about watching and not just reading.

The right team can and will make a huge difference to the way in which you operate – so plan your team carefully today!