Go Big or Go Home

As a leader I’ve also always been a fan of the saying Go Big or Go Home. If you’re going to lead teams then you need to be bold, it’s not just about challenging the status quo, it’s about redefining what success looks like.

You might be thinking but why take the risk, why not just make some incremental improvements. If you aim too high and fail what then?

The answer to this is simple.

Big goals inspire people, they excite people and as you start to make progress it can create an unstoppable momentum, that will not only help you achieve the goals but exceed them.

My favourite big goal was set in 1961 when JFK announced that by the end of the end of the decade the US would successfully land a man on the moon and bring him back safely.

This was a bold goal that inspired a nation, and entire generation and possibly even the world.

And the most amazing thing about that goal was at the time, not only did the technology not exist to do it, the science didn’t exist. They had no clue how to achieve it, but still JFK went ahead and set the goal.


Because it was Inspiring. Because it connected with people on an emotional level, and it fired a dream that he knew would create the momentum to overcome the challenges set before them. He also gave them enough time to be able to do it.

Big goals are aspirational, people want to achieve them, they just need to find a leader that they believe in, one they know who is committed to achieving the goals and who will lead the way.

So are you start to plan your teams goals, your companies goals I want you to take this to heart, to think about a big goal that you have followed previously and let that inspire you and use that inspiration to inspire your teams.

Let’s make 2021 the years that we Go Big

If you need helping in setting your big, bold beautiful goals reach out to me at Gordon@gordontredgold.com.