You Are Not a Great Boss if You Don’t Celebrate Small Wins Big Time

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You Are Not a Great Boss if You Don’t Celebrate Small Wins Big Time

The days of the shrewd and serious boss are long gone. The way that we work is changing, and company cultures have evolved to create warmer environments. Celebration isn’t a luxury in the workplace – it’s a necessity. In your role as a leader, it’s up to you to draft up the party plans whenever something worth celebrating happens.

It doesn’t matter if it’s as simple as the completion of a project ahead of deadlines or the revelation of an innovative idea that can have a positive effect on the way your employees do their jobs. You owe it to everyone (and even yourself) to celebrate whenever you can.

You’re Showing Your Team That You’re a Team Player

When they’ve helped you accomplish something that they’re proud of, they need to know that you’re proud of them. That shared pride is what sets a mediocre leader apart from a great leader. By celebrating the little things, you’re showing your team that you share the same vision. You were always on the same page, and you’re proud to work with the individuals who helped the vision come to life.

Celebrating together reinforces the idea that you’ve all worked together. Sometimes, it’s hard for employees on the floor to see or understand exactly what it is that their boss is doing behind the scenes. They might not understand how hard your job is, but things will become clearer when they see that you’re just as happy as they are that everything came together.

You’re Improving Employee Confidence in the Workplace

Most routine work around the office is thankless. Filing the papers and sending out the emails are things everyone has to do on a daily basis, and it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. When an opportunity arises to accomplish something greater, your employees want to feel as though they’re recognized for delivering more than just the daily things that are often taken for granted.

Taking a moment to appreciate successes that are above and beyond routine work sends a powerful message to your employees. They will see and understand how much value they hold. They’ll feel recognized for the extra effort they’ve put in. No one wants to go unnoticed after giving something their all, and it’s up to you to make sure that they don’t.

You’re Creating the Foundation for Strong Professional Bonds

Team building exercises are necessary for the workplace – even if you feel as though your team is bonded enough. Everyone needs a refresher course from time to time, and it always helps to remind your employees of the magic they can create when they come together. Celebrations generally have the same effect as these team building exercises.

Encourage everyone to talk about their roles in completing a project, and thank each other for every bit of help and information they exchanged to get things done. They’ll all be able to look around the table and appreciate each other for every unique thing they bring to the group.

You’re Preventing Burnout

When some people get stressed out, they go on vacation. Unfortunately, not every employee can afford to take a big vacation at the end of every tough week. Burnout can come quickly during busy stretches, and everyone (including you) needs to be able to blow off steam in order to keep their heads on straight. By celebrating smaller successes, such as the halfway point of a project, you’re renewing their strength to keep going. It inspires optimism and reduces the potential for frustration when the whole office can take a few hours to focus on the positives.

When things feel a little gloomy, call up the pizza guy. Make everyone stop what they’re doing and hang out for a little while. You’ll be a better boss and they’ll be better employees because of it. You don’t always need a big reason to show everyone their worth.


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