How To Find A Life Coach (Infographic)

One of the things that surprises me is how many people resist the urge to have a catch, whether it be for their career, their business or just for their life.

I say that because when you look at successful people, especially athletes, they all have coaches, they all know that they need support and guidance to achieve their full potential, even people like Usain Bolt, Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, they all have specialist coaches that help them achieve and maintain peak performance.

One of the reasons I hear people don’t have a coach is because they say they can’t afford one. In my opinion, you can’t afford not to have one.

That doesn’t mean it needs to be a life long relationship, in my own coaching practice I look to try and help people and set them on their way in just five sessions, other coaches and people make require a bit longer, a bit more support.

Currently I am coaching a couple of people, one of whom within just 2 sessions we are now sending her book to a publisher to complete the process of producing her first book, it wasn’t that we wrote the book in 2 sessions, it was more that she needed the confidence and belief to send the book in. With the other client, we are working oh helming him find a new position, and after just 4 sessions he is now attending interviews full of confidence, and looking forward to them, rather than being nervous and unsure of how best to present himself.

Coaches come in all shapes and sizes and offer different types of service. Here’s a great Infographic to give you some advice on how to find one for yourself.

The one additional piece of advice I would give would be to check out the references, make sure that the people who they have coached are happy with the service they have paid and the results that they have achieved.

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