How to Improve the Communication of Your Company

Communication is one of the pillars that holds any business together. Without it, your business will likely collapse as a result of miscommunication and confusion. For this reason, looking for ways to communicate better in an organization should always be on the agenda. It goes beyond having team meetings or sending emails. If you want to get better at communicating, you’re going to have to implement a mix of different solutions which consist of technology and building communication skills. On that note, keep reading to find out how you can improve the communication of your company.

Build Communication Skills

If you truly want to improve the communication of your company, one of the first things that you can do is invest in developing your employees’ communication skills. It is especially true for people in leadership positions as they’ll be the ones delegating tasks on a daily basis. Some basics of communicating that you should be emphasizing on are ensuring they can communicate through written word and verbally as well as that they’re able to deliver messages clearly and concisely.

Get a Cloud-Based Phone System

Another approach you can take when trying to improve communication in your company is to get a cloud-based phone system. This is important as it’s a way to gain control of your voice and data networks. One core benefit of having a cloud-based phone system is that you have control over modes of communication. Also, they have fully integrated communication systems which is helpful as it can help increase efficiency in your company. If you look at, you’ll also see that they can be accessible and convenient as well.

Make the Mission Clear

At times, messages are lost in transition in a company simply because the mission and vision aren’t clear. You should reiterate both as often as possible so that they can focus their work on the business goals and objectives. It may also be a good idea if you have the mission statement printed and placed somewhere that they can see and read it every day.

  1. Use Instant Messaging for Business

When communicating in a business, it’s easy for messages to get muddled up and for you to lose track of message threads when it’s a group conversation. To improve this, try using instant messaging apps or software for businesses as a way of keeping your communication more organized. Some ideal instant messaging apps to try are Adium, Google + Hangouts or Spark.

Avoid Hierarchy

Most businesses have a hierarchy, but too much of one can be bad for communication. You need to ensure that everyone can communicate freely, or you may find that messages aren’t getting across effectively or people aren’t communicating at all. It may help if you encourage team building exercises and take the cultural norms of different employees into account too. By eliminating or at least reducing the level of hierarchy in your business, you ensure that people are free to share vital information.  


Improving the communication of your company is something that you can do. It may require you evaluate the way you presently communicate and make some adjustments, however. By doing so, you’re likely to find you have stronger internal communications and better results.