Loyalty is a Two Way Street


When we talk about loyalty, many leaders believe that their staff should show loyalty to them, and in return for this loyalty, they will benefit.

But unfortunately this is not how it always works. I always believe that loyalty starts with the leader, we are the one’s with the power, the one’s who set the tone.

We are not feudal lords from times of old, when people swore loyalty to us just because of our title and position.

We need to earn the respect and the loyalty of our staff, it’s not given out like candy in a store.

Loyalty can be earned in return for offering people opportunity, titles and position, but in my experience this type of loyalty is bought, and is often available for sale to the next highest bidder.

Too often I have seen people just looking for this type of opportunity and once achieved they are off looking for the next opportunity.

Real loyalty comes from how we treat people, from the trust and the respect that we have earned, and in how loyal we are to our principles, and whether we are authentic or not.

As leaders if we want loyalty, then we need to show loyalty. We need to support our people, stand up for them when they need support, protect and take care of them, show them that we care with authenticity.

When we do this, we can build a very strong bond of loyalty, one that will be there when we need the support of our people.

If we choose to wait to build loyalty until we need it, then in all likelihood we won’t get the support that we need.

Loyalty is a two way street, and it’s always stronger if it starts with the leader.

Gordon Tredgold

Leadership Principles