Persistency and Consistency are Talent Multipliers!

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you apply persistency and consistency, they can take a small modicum of talent and turn it into great results, allowing us to achieve things that we never thought were possible.

Persistency is the art of continuing especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, and sometimes, even failure. That ability to get up one more time than you have fallen down.



Consistency is about sticking to the schedule, being disciplined and making an effort each and every day.



Talent alone is not enough.

There are hundreds and thousands of talented people who have never achieved their goals because they lacked these two characteristics. They either gave up when they experienced failure, or they weren’t consistent about putting in the required effort.

Talent without effort will always remain unfulfilled potential.

Many times in my life I have taken what little talent I have and far exceeded what people thought was possible by applying persistency and consistency.

I have helped companies reduce system outages by over 90% by consistently reviewing the problems and looking for common reasons for failure. Being persistent in tracking down the root cause of that failure, long after many had given up.

I have helped increase on-time delivery from 35% to over 90% by tenaciously reviewing the processes looking to identify even the smallest performance improvements, because when you add all these together they can amount to large overall improvements.

Remember a 100% improvement can be achieved by making 100 1% improvements. Too often people are looking for big wins, but the accumulation of small wins can lead to significant results.

When I decided to run my first marathon I could barely run for more than 15 minutes without needing oxygen and needing to lie down for 30 minutes.

But by making a small improvement, increasing the time of my run, by 10 minutes each and every week, after 24 weeks I was able to run for over 4-hours which allowed me to complete a marathon.

Sure it was tough, especially in the latter stages, but this is where the persistency came into play, that ability to keep going even though stopping and giving up would be easier.

I have now managed to run 6 marathons in just under 2 years, completing the last two just 3 weeks apart.

When I started writing many told me that trying to make an impact in the competitive field of leadership was a folly.

I had little to no writing experience, but by being consistent, writing 4-5 articles a week, I have now a body of work which exceeds 800 articles. By being persistent when my books or articles were rejected, and reviewing, improving and applying again, I have now had 3 books published and have had articles printed in some very large publications such as Addicted2Success, Good Men Project and Business Insider.

Don’t let your talents, no matter how big or small, fail to reach their full potential.

Be consistent, apply your talent regularly, look to make progress each and every day even if it only feels like a small progress. Remember big successes can be achieved through an accumulation of many small success.

Be persistent, don’t accept failure as final, dust yourself down, learn from it, and try again.

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