4 Ways to Improve Workforce Performance for Little Cost

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Workforce leaders everywhere continually search for new ways to improve performance while maintaining a set budget and without hindering workplace morale. While it is difficult to predict or control the level of workforce performance your team achieves, there are ways you can guide your team toward success.

If you are searching for ideas to drive employee enthusiasm and productivity to new peaks without increasing the cost for your organization, here are five ideas that can help.

1. Lay Out Clear Goals and Expectations for Your Team

As early in the hiring and employment process as possible, it is vital that you set clear goals and expectations for each employee. Lay out your requirements to each job candidate and employee as a contract upon which they must agree to ensure their success and your satisfaction. This type of agreement serves as a guide for everyone to follow, laying out benchmarks, deadlines and goal figures.

2. Communicate Clearly and Regularly

Even when setting clear goals at the outset when hiring, it is important to reinforce ideas to employees throughout their tenure with your organization. In our modern world, communication has become nearly effortless through e-mail, text messaging and video conferencing. However, it is important to remind and encourage employees to manage their various communications media. For example, it is important to ask employees to manage their in-box, regularly checking and addressing important messages, then marking their status to remove them from their to-do list or adding a follow-up note.

McKinsey & Company study revealed that emails often take up nearly 28 percent of an employee’s time. Encourage employees to use alternative means of communication, such as picking up the telephone or walking to a co-worker’s cubicle or office to address an issue. It is often easier and more effective to resolve an issue directly than by exchanging multiple e-mails over the course of a few days.

3. Offer Employees Meaningful Incentives That Fit Within Your Budget

It is often helpful to help coax the best out of your employees with meaningful incentives. Recognizing and rewarding employees for stellar performance lets them know how much you value them, their work and their loyalty to your organization. Incentive programs reduce employee absenteeism by 10 percent and improve employee engagement by 60 percent.

Get to know what types of incentives are important to your employees:

  • Paid time off
  • Gift certificates
  • Taking them out for meals or celebratory destinations
  • Sending a handwritten note or letter
  • Launching a wellness program

4. Invest in Workforce Optimization

Offering your employees a suite of services intended to help them thrive is budget-friendly and effective. The best programs offer a full suite of call center software services in workforce management, quality management, performance management and speech analytics. These focal points allow you to quickly adapt to your own contact center’s changing needs to make sure your customers’ needs stay at the forefront of your operations for a low cost. Explore a world of personalized inbound and outbound services, time management assistance, flexible scheduling tools and more.

Start Boosting Workforce Performance Today

You can start implementing most of these ideas right away. Let your employees know that you respect their intelligence, capabilities and commitment by creating employment agreements that hold them to your standards, offering incentives that help them keep focus, keeping communications open and providing workforce management tools that employee enthusiasm and results for your organization.