Here are 5 Reasons Why Delegating is Beneficial To You

One of the hardest things that upcoming leaders seem to struggle with is delegating effectively.

Sometimes this is because they lack the skills, or don’t have experience of how to delegate.

But often it can be because they don’t want to give up their power, or because they think they can do the job better and they would like to get some of the credit.

But these latter reasons are actually limiting your growth as a leader.

Yes leaders need to lead from the front, yes you need to be prepared to roll your sleeves up, but in truth, leadership is about getting the best and the most out of your team.

When you can master delegation it will really help you take your leadership and the performance of your team to the next level.

Here are five reasons why I think delegating is great for you.

Helps The Growth of Your Teams

When we delegate work, especially high-value work that might stretch your team, this will help them to develop new skills and grow. It increases their skill and capability level, which is good both for you and for them.

Increases Your Impact

If we keep the work to ourselves then our impact is limited to what we can do with our own two hands and as great as you may be, this is still a limitation.

Each time you delegate you add another pair of hands that add to your impacts, and if you can master the art of delegation your level of impact can become limitless, and the bigger the impact you can create the bigger your leadership legacy will be.

It Makes You an Attractive Leader

When you become known as a leader that nurtures people, that delegates and helps them grow this is going to increase the loyalty and retention of your team, and it will also make others want to work with you because of the opportunities that they will get.

I have lost count of the number of people who have approached me and asked me to keep them in mind if any positions open up in my team because they have heard that I help people grow and give them opportunities.

Boost Your Reputation as a Leader

This reason is a direct result of increasing your impact and attracting people who want to work for you. This will not go unseen by your bosses and it will mark you down as a good leader and someone that has the potential to become a great leader, it will make opportunities open up to you to take on bigger roles.

Frees You Up For Bigger Things

Lastly, if you don’t delegate and everything has to involve you, then you have made yourself a critical part of your team. Now whilst this might sound good because you have secured your role, but in reality, it had tied you to that position. You have now made it difficult for your bosses to promote you because they need you exactly where you are.

When you master delegation it frees you to be able to take on bigger and better roles. Yes you are key to the success of your team, but it’s now their success and you are free to move on, as your teams can probably succeed in your absence.

Delegating is a win win win scenario it benefits your teams, your companies/departments and last of all you.

If you want to get ahead and become a great leader then you need to master delegation.

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