HR Leadership witness transition in recruitments post COVID

HR leadership post COVID changed their hiring norms and brought in the local nationals to fill in the vacancies

As global pandemic brought travel to standstill, human resource leaders in all the leading firms were seen running from pillar to post to fill the vacancies with local nationals.

While this may have spelt good news for the local people seeking job post COVID job loss, it may not be a pleasant situation for the organization, where the newly hired local nationals may not be well-versed with all the latest trends of the industry. Result: time taken to train these new employees.

This is just a part of a picture, the flip side to this is travel restrictions imposed by various countries to ensure safety of one and all but that can have a devastating effect on hiring and recruitment.

Hiring and Recruitment Norms have undergone changes to adjust the post COVID situation. Including –

  • A mandatory quarantine of 14 days on arrival
  • Self- isolation in some countries to ensure that the person who has traveled from any part of the world is not carrying the virus

Enough reasons for candidates or employees to rethink their global job opportunities and start seeking work locally. However, apparently that is also not as easy as said.

HR Leaders trying to attract local talent into the organization needs to create a competitive employment package that is in compliance with local rules, regulations, and law including visa requirements if any. CHROs need to understand that visa requirements may vary from country to country and while there are countries that may require mandatory insurance for instance issuance of visa is allowed, there are countries that mandate local insurance partnerships – for numerous reasons – benefitting the local economy being one.

The HR leaders’ role become more crucial here, as they understand the importance of seeking guidance from global specialists – who understand the local requirements. One of the valuable step in the direction of hiring local nationals as global specialists can advise the prominent leadership in HR on various employee benefits that are not only compulsory but are also well-regarded.

Other challenges include in hiring local nationals are related to healthcare packages. Healthcare is one of the important reasons why an employee will like to work for any organization. HR Leaders need to design healthcare packages that are not only competitive but also should be well-balanced in order to attract and retain the local talent.

HR Leaders can also face the challenge of offering the additional healthcare benefits that have been designed to attract foreign employees. This is the crucial time for HR leaders to understand that healthcare packages can make or break the recruitment of local nationals. So it is important to know where the CHROs can draw the line in terms of what benefits can be offered.

COVID crisis has made employees make more aware about their health, as they have to take care of not only their health but also of their families. Thus healthcare packages offered to attract the local talent should include a perfect blend of physical as well as mental wellbeing of employees.

This seems to be a good opportunity for HR leaders to attract the local talent and also get local national recruitment drive right. How? By offering support to the employees right from the start by offering employment packages that are competitive and takes care of their complete health.

Author Bio Ariaa Reeds is a professional writer who curates articles for a variety of online publications. She is currently working for TopCHRO, an HR news and blog site that highlights best performing CHROs and HR professionals worldwide. She also has extensive experience writing on a diverse range of topics including business, education, finance, and technology.