Investor Visa Italy – Everything Business Owners Needs To Know

Investor Visa Italy: Everything Business Owners Needs To Know

The ultimate goal of every business owner is to capture a wider audience by taking their business international. It requires cautious planning, market understanding, and financial resources. Additionally, business owners need to brainstorm different ways to expand their operations. 

Generally, entrepreneurs or investors choose either of the two ways: starting from scratch by incorporating their business overseas or making wise investments in the already existing companies. Nevertheless, they need to select the destination first. 

As you are currently reading this blog, we assume that the destination and method to expand your business are already decided, i.e., using an Investor Visa for Italy. So, let’s learn about the same in detail! 


What Is An Investor Visa For Italy? 

It is basically an immigration program with the right to residency available for non-EU citizens. The “citizen” here is an individual (but not a legal person) who makes an investment in an Italy-based corporation or strategic assets that helps the country’s economy and society. The period of the visa is two years and renewable for three years.  

Thanks to the investment, you get to avail long-term residency in the country along with free Schengen Zone access and full EU Rights. The tax benefits available in this program make it an even more attractive choice for business owners. 


How To Apply?

To obtain an investor visa, the Investor Visa for Italy Committee (IV4I) needs to release a Nulla Osta (official declaration) online for you. After that, you have to visit an Italian representative in your present country of residency to apply for the visa. 

Stating the obvious, you must comply with all the legal requirements for your application to get approved. The professionals at Bersani Law Firm opine to consult immigration lawyers. They can help you fill out the application and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations. 


What Type Of Investment Do You Have To Make?

Typically, the lower slab for investment is EUR 500,000 for already existing companies or donation purposes. If you wish to invest in a startup, the minimum investment is EUR 250,000. 

Yes, you can invest in more than one company; however, you might need to fill out different applications for the same. Therefore, consulting a lawyer will help you here. 


Things To Keep In Mind When Applying For Investor Visa

Know that any investment you may make in an organization has to be underwritings as a shareholder, and all the current shareholders must agree with it. 

If your financial situation is great, you can also consider purchasing a firm or a farm. It is noteworthy that this option is only available to those who already own a business in their current country of residence or are entitled to a self-employment-entrepreneur visa. 

Furthermore, during the 2-year tenure, you can not make any changes to the investment portfolio. You must maintain the original investment, or your program might get revoked. 


Final Takeaway,

Italy is one of the world’s top economies and can help you connect with the global market. So, you must not miss out on this opportunity. Connect with a reliable lawyer for a consultation to learn more information about the application process.