Without Trust There are no Followers, and Without Followers, There is no Leadership.

When it comes to leadership, trust is the only currency that matters.

Our customers must be able to trust us; they must be certain that when we make a promise about service quality, delivery dates, pricing, or quality, we will keep it. They base their business plans on what we commit to, and they need to know that we will do everything we can to see that those plans succeed.

Our teams need to be able to trust us, knowing that what we say and what we do will be the same. They need to know that we will take care of them, making sure that they have the right tools for the job at hand, a clear understanding of what is needed and what success looks like, and they need to know that they can count on our support should they need it. They need to trust us that we know where we are going and that we will be successful together.

Without trust, there is doubt, mistrust, and a lack of certainty and these will ultimately put us on the road to failure.

Without trust why should our teams work for us, trust breeds loyalty, and loyalty ensures that our teams say with us, without this our teams will look to leave for places where they feel that they can find the trust they are looking for.

Trust is the currency of leadership,  without trust there are no followers, and without followers, there is no leadership.

If you want to improve your leadership, then you need to focus on building trust.

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