6 Leadership Qualities You Should Seek When Hiring New Managers

Managers are provided with major responsibility when they’re introduced into a new organisation and their leadership in an authoritative role can either make or break the success of a business. How they act when managing a team can either develop brand new leaders and allow your business to grow or discourage the team and have it whittled down to its bare bones.

One of the most common reasons why employees choose to leave their job is because of their bosses and the last thing you wish to do is lose your best talent. In order to ensure that you hire the correct person for the job, look out for potential candidates that have these leadership qualities.

Good Communication Skills

Having the knowledge in understanding how a job can be done but it’s another thing being able to communicate it to the team so the job can get done and mitigating the different priorities. A great manager always has great communication skills. They’re able to engage their team and successfully communicate the different tasks to each team member in a way that they understand. This is relevant for verbal and written communication.


In order to gain the support of their team, good managers have the confidence to make decisions that they believe to be right. Even when there are contrasting views about the matter. Confidence is great for getting others onside and reassuring them that the decisions being made are a positive one. Regardless of the circumstance, managers need to be able to steer their team in the right direction.

Take Responsibility

A manager who’s aware they’re in charge is a good one to achieve goals and targets, even if it doesn’t work out they take responsibility for both the success and failure. They do this by monitoring the performance of their employees and encourage them to be a better worker. Better performance then leads to larger business growth and better professional development.


It’s good to gauge whether the candidate you’re hiring is in it for the long-run or is simply there for the stepping stone opportunity. If you have a leader that’s looking forward to climbing the ladder and watching your business grow, they’ll be sure to remain in the long run.

It’s also great for when your business grows internationally as you’ll have someone who’s been through thick and thin and are able to support new employees through their UK visa application, integrating them with new employees and accommodating them with the correct tasks.


The only way that a business can move forward is by making a routine decision and being efficient with processes. This also includes making tough decisions too. To choose the best possible candidate, make sure they’re decisive with their decision making and can still be effective in difficult situations.


If you want a business that’s going to grow and move with the times, hire a manager that has a creative spark and can bring new ideas to the table. Most problems can’t be completely solved through a simple method and it would require a bit of creativity to resolve. Great managers are always looking for improvements on the service side as well with internal operations in creative ways that can help your business stand out and make your employees happy.

It’ll take a lot to find someone with all the traits possible for an excellent manager, but these candidates do exist. Even if they don’t have every single one, if they have the majority then you’re potentially on to a winner. It’s about filtering it down until you have the right person.