Hope Is Not A Strategy

images-13Leadership is about creating Vision, getting people to buy-in to the Vision, coming up with a plan to meet that Vision and then executing.

We need all of these elements to be successful. If we have a Vision without a plan, then that’s a wish and we are relying on Hope to help us achieve it and Hope it not a Strategy.

If we have a plan and don’t execute again this is just a dream, and we are relying on Hope, and Hope is not a Strategy.

Throughout my career I have been amazed at how many people rely on Hope or even just as bad Luck, to be successful. When you do that you have given up control, given up ownership, in fact, you have just plain given up.

Very little is achieved without hard work, and we need to make sure that the hard work is effective by having a plan, i.e. knowing what needs to be done to be successful, and that plan needs to be tied to our Vision.

When we have that, then we are putting ourselves, and our teams, in a position to be successful.

Too many leaders think their job is just to come up with a Vision, but the Vision is the easy part. The hard part is to get the buy-in, and that is where the plan and the strategy come into play. With a good plan you generate belief, your team can see how they will be successful, and this will then inspire them to start and motivate them to finish.

A leader leads the way; they show the path as well as define the Vision. Now it doesn’t have to be all the leaders own thinking, you can involve the teams in defining the path, using their expertise, their input, but you have to make sure a plan is created.

When we rely on Hope, we are eliminating our leadership and diminishing our impact.

Even when successful we cannot look to claim credit because success relied upon more to luck that to our involvement.

Leadership is a participation sport; we need to be involved in all aspects and ensure that everything required for success is taken care of.

When you rely on Hope your chances of success are slim to none, because Hope is not a Strategy.


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